sugar in the rain

it's been raining a lot, was perfect to spend nights re-sorting out my cds... re-sorting always turns out to be re-discovering, "sugar in the rain" by sid ramin was one of so many and made a treasury inspired by the melody. umbrella, rain drops, birds, girl in a lovely dress, fresh veges and a sweet tea time etc... i love spring rain.
another treasury titled "dogwood yellow" is curated by sealmaiden, love the yellows!!!


a golden week is coming, families with boys often display warrior dolls and miniature armor in their homes and the above is ours, every single part is made of old kimono, it's about 10" but has a great presence in the corner of our japanese room. 
"caramel corn" + "koinobori/carp banner", a special package for children's day/May 5th. the below is how it looks, crunchy - fluffy texture is OOAK!!!

another koinobori item is a tiny sake cup that i recently use for makgeolli. yum inside out!!!

a song for you...

The new school term has started and the entrance ceremony of my niece was held this morning. Sakura/cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Little things seem extraordinary sometimes, the beauty of spring is such a one this year. Faint pink here and  there, it makes my daily dog-walk like a special event.  One month has passed after the tohoku earthquake. What we read in the newspapers and what we see on TV might not be saying all as is. What we can do from the west seems so limited but making donations is one powerful thing for now and the future, not only for them but for "all of us" with hope.